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    • Greetings! Welcome to our online casino website. As the world evolves towards a cyber-community so does every aspect of our lives adapt to this new reality. Thirty years ago, it might have been difficult for you to imagine the possibility of playing casino from the comfort of your home. Well, in today’s world, you can play casino and win real money just by lying on your bed with any internet enabled device. Playing on our online casinos not only brings the casino to your fingertips but also brings with it the fun, suspense and the excitement associated with a traditional casino with more excitement. If you are still looking for the best Canadian online casino, search no further because this is the best place for you. The site is created with the intention of serving and as such you will be eligible for a bonus from the moment you register for free with us. They are so many freebies to be won by virtue of just being a member. Why not join us now to start this winning spree. Let’s take a brief look at online casinos in Canada and its legibility.

      Online Betting in Canada

      Online gambling is a legitimate business in every part of Canada. However, there are restrictions put in place to regulate and check the excesses of both the operating body and punters. One more thing, there is no universal law governing betting in Canada. They vary depending on the province you fall into. The variety in this law does not make them any less effective as they regulate all forms of betting (online and offline) in their respective provinces. Our activities are being regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission since our gaming server is located in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. If you are familiar with how strict the Kahnawake Commission is, this alone will convince you to place your bet with us as doing so is completely safe and secure.

      Types of online casinos

      Over the years, online casinos have evolved to accommodate all forms of games being played in a brick and mortar casino. In addition to having the equivalent of those games in the digital form, they also improved them considerably and totally eliminate the possibility of human bias. To start making money, join for free and start making money right after you have made some deposit (Usually in CAD). Please note that making deposit exposes you to our bonus system. In order to maximize your satisfaction, we have at our possession virtually all the major games played in an online casino. And they are designed by the top game design companies. Our online casino has the following features and more:

      3-Reel Online Slots

      The 3reel slots machine use to be people’s favourite back in the days due to its simplicity and its attractiveness. All we needed to do was to pull the lever and hope to hit a jackpot with just a coin. Technological advancement gave birth to the modern 3reel online slot which doesn’t have a lever but performs better. If you have experienced it before, you will agree with me that the 3reel online slots are equally capable of becoming an addictive game. Additionally, it comes with a better display and a higher chance of winning. You can play from wherever you are by visiting our website for free or by placing stakes.

      5-Wheel Online Slots

      There is no much difference between the 3 reels online slots and the 5reels online slots except that the latter has two more reels. In addition, it has a superior display. Choosing between these types of online slots is majorly in terms of personal choice and not efficiency.

      3D Slots

      The desire to have a game that looks so real gave birth to the introduction of 3D slot games. Our commitment to giving you the best online casino experience is what motivated us to acquire this game. This is one of the games that we keep updating so as to guarantee only the best experience.

      Brands we use

      Our commitment to delivering quality service for you meant we could only choose from the best online casino and website developers. We made deep background research before we approached any of them. Some of the few companies we worked with include but not limited to Quickspin, Microgaming and NetEnt.

      Payment methods

      Why are we the best online casino in Canada if we can’t provide multiple payment gateways for our punters? On the contrary, we accept all the major medium of making payments online. Some of which are: a debit or Master Card, PayPal, Pay Safe Card, Fund Send, InstaDebit and Skrill (formerly called Moneybookers). All our modes of making deposits can also be used to cash-out real money. You are eligible for withdrawal immediately you win. All you need is a one-time verification of your ID with our ever-dedicated customer service team. Afterwards, you can withdraw as much as you earn from a single click.

      Why choose our site for Online Casino games in Canada?

      You should choose us because we are the best when it comes to online casinos in Canada. However, we are only open to those who intend to make money while also having fun. Have a view of what some of our bettors have to say about us:

      Recent reviews and news

      Below are some of the latest reviews posted: “Playing casino has never been fun till I discovered this site. Though, I am yet to make a major win.” “I have never really taken online casino serious until I joined this site.” “The sites gives unbelievable bonuses just for joining. I am optimistic about winning.”

      Rules for Canadian players

      The Kahnawake Gaming Commission provides protection for operators and punters. Punters must be at least 18 years old before they can be considered as legal bettors. Similarly, before you can claim you winning from any gambling body in Canada you need to have a valid Identification Card. This is to ensure that kids do not place bets.

      Pick Your Favourite Online Casino Game

      Below are some of the exciting games we have for you in our online casino:

      • Baccarat
      • Baccarat is a game of chance commonly played in a casino. They are majorly three ways of playing this game but they all maintain the general rule. To place a bet, you will have to pick a side between the banker, player or tie. Though it's a game of strategy sometimes luck is needed to win. In this game, the cards (2 to 9) usually have a face value, the royal cards have zero value while the ace cards have a face value of one. To win, one must have the highest number combination which is not beyond 9.
      • Slots
      • Just like our classical slots machine, the online slots are designed to improve the satisfaction you get from the classical slots machine. You can decide to try our free game or purchase virtual coins from us in order to place a bet.
      • Roulette
      • From time immemorial, roulette has always been a game for those with guts. It’s a game that provides an equal chance of winning just by throwing a single toss. You will win big once you predict correctly.
      • Craps
      • This is one of the games with the ability to put a smile on so many people’s face at the same time. It’s also a game of chance but you are more likely to win if you understand the tricks and strategies involved. Our online craps give you the option to either play with the computer or an individual from another part of the world.
      • Blackjack
      • Having an online casino without a blackjack is an injustice to its fan all over the world. In this game, you need more skill than luck to win. The goal is to have a hand of cards with not more than 21 face value. To learn more, play more.
      • Poker
      • Poker is one of the casino games with so many genres. The objective in every game of poker is to accumulate best hand from whatever cards you’re given. Naturally, odds increases based on the value of the card in one's possession. As I suggested earlier, you will fully understand when you play more.

      Can I play on my mobile?

      Absolutely! We created this site for the sole purpose of bringing the casino to your fingertip. This is why we have a highly responsive website. A responsive website like ours makes it not only possible but also easy for you to play any online game available on our website. You can deposit funds, make withdrawals and do lots more from your iPhone, iPad, Android and any other related devices. As part of the requirements of being a licenced gambling company, we remit taxes to the provincial government. Thus, significant earning will also be subject to the laws of the land. After all, we all agree that what belongs to Caesar should be given to cease. In order to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, it is important for you to know that earnings considered huge will be taxable according to Canadian laws, as online betting is a legitimate business in Canada.





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